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We are a certified Mississauga based roofing company with over 65 years experience in shingled roofing for residential and commercial applications.

"Mississauga's climate is considered moderate. Winters can be cold, with temperatures most often below the freezing mark. Rainwater, High winds, Tree branches and even freezing temperature can harm roofing shingles and cause problems like buckling, curling or blistering for your roof if you are living in Mississauga!"

There are different roofing shingles manufacturers in Canada and they provide different types of roofing shingles with various colors, costs and even various recycling options.

At AZ-Roofing we know how to select the right roofing shingles for you. We are not only your roofing contractor but also your consultant to select the right and cost effective roofing materials for an effective shingles repair or replacement.

Our experts are fully trained and covered by insurance and we are well-known in Mississauga because of our accurate estimates, high quality, fast & clean work and good reviews on Google.

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We accept the following payment methods :

  • Online payment from your financial Institute
  • We accept Credit Cards(VISA, MasterCard) and Debit Cards.Affordable

We offer competitive pricing, affordable, flexible low interest financing solutions for all of our customers from Home Trust to suit any budget.

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