Financing & Flexible Payment Methods Available for all Roofing Services.

We accept the following payment methods :

  • Online payment from your financial Institute
  • We accept Credit Cards(VISA, MasterCard) and Debit Cards
  • We accept cash

Affordable Financing Available For All Roofing Services

We offer competitive pricing, and affordable, flexible low-interest financing solutions for all of our customers from Simply Group Financial to suit any budget.
You shouldn’t have to compromise on roofing products or service quality and there is no need to put off a repair or replacement because of the price, by flexible financing solutions you can afford a safe roof for your home or business.

We care about your financial comfort.

Simply Group Financial offers flexible financing for a wide range of home improvement projects.


  • Instant automated approvals – 24/7
  • Around-the-clock credit decisions.
  • Up-to-the-minute application status updates.
  • Flexible
  • Mobile-friendly online access
  • Easy-to-complete online applications

Competitive rates

  • Flexible financing options
  • Up to $50,000 financing for a single project
  • Fully open loans, pay the balance off at any time!
  • Easy