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Finding a reputable company to replace or repair your flat roof can be a daunting task so we make it simpler for you.  We know you want to keep the cost of your flat roof repair low while ensuring you get a great quality installation that will last so we will take the time to help you better understand what all your options are.

We can help you with all your choices and options including educating you on the different types of roofs, materials and options which would suit your roof, and whether you can repair or replace your existing flat roof.


We can give you advice on

  • The different types of roof materials available including PVC roofing membranes
  • What are the best roofing systems for your needs
  • When or why you may be interested in PVC flat roofs vs other materials
  • Getting the best PVC flat roofing prices based on your investment over the long term
  • Rough calculator to help you with budgeting
  • The best approaches in installing PVC flat roofs

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We give you no-nonsense advice on when you can safely repair a roof and when you need to replace your roof to protect your investment

AZ Roofing has the highest standards in labour warranty to ensure your investment lasts.  We only choose materials with long warranties and a history of customer satisfaction as we want to ensure our customers are happy with their roofs for a very long time.  We are the experts in residential and commercial for repair, replacement, shingle, sloped and flat roofing in GTA and surrounding areas.

Just because choosing a contractor may seem like a daunting task, doesn’t mean you should delay the decision for another few years. Don’t risk a delay which could end up costing you thousands when you can get honest advice today.

commercial-PVC -flat roof,

We offer a wide variety of choices in flat roofing materials to meet your roofing needs and protect your largest investment.  Not only do we offer a large selection of choices in materials, we also offer a thorough assessment of your roofing system to ensure all work meets or exceeds Ontario Building Codes for the optimal longevity of your new roof.


AZ Roofing is a certified installer of several top manufacturers of flat roofing systems which ensures we are taking care of the entire roofing system’s performance to ensure what we complete lasts a long time.


What we look for and our approach includes:

  • Ensuring the roof structure is structurally sound and without rot and mould.  We always take into account heavy snowfall to ensure your roof structure can handle the extra load in extreme winters
  • Looking out for leak mitigation is our priority. We know the best practices for preventing leaks and it’s critical for many roofs to have the right systems and installation practices to protect the most vulnerable parts of the roof from potential leaks


With the AZ Roofing approach, we will give you the straight goods on whether you can repair your existing flat roof, or if you should replace it.  Plus, we’ll let you know the best system for your roof which will meet your budget.

Waterproofing and insulation pvc
Residential and Commercial PVC Roofing System

AZ Roofing’s unique education and background delivers the best quality at an affordable price

Type: Flat RoofingTar & GravelTorch DownEPDMPVCTPO
What is itExtremely common flat roofs with alternating layers of paper and tarCompact, easy to install, less mess than Tar & GravelStrength, durability and flexibility in one through a synthetic rubber materialSingle ply membrane with UV protectors built in and heat welded seamsSimple installation and light weight system to handle additional loads
BenefitsValue-priced option Cool energy efficient roofs
PriceValue-priced materials; Low - Medium Cost

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Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·


How to get started?

  1. First things first, you are already educating yourself, so that’s a great first step.  There are a lot of details in roofing so it’s best to take the next steps with an expert who can walk you through the rest of the steps.
  2. Determine what type of roof do you have?  Sloped, or Flat, or a mix of both? Is your property residential or commericial?No worries.  AZ Roofing can help you with any of those kinds of roofs and applicationsIf you have a flat roof, do you already have an idea of the type of materials you are interested in reviewing?


Do you prefer tar and gravel, torch down, EPDM, PVC or TPO?

PVC roofing systems have been around for over 30+ years and have a proven record in low slope applications as a single ply membrane which comes in various size/thickness of the membrane.  The materials are made from ethylene and chlorine and are manufactured to include UV protectors to protect it from the effects of the sun.  In addition, additives are used to ensure the material is flexible and durable for a long lasting roof.  Some critical improvements were made in the manufacturing of PVC roofing systems, and since those changes, PVC roofs benefit from being an extremely reliable and long lasting roof for climates in Canada.

These roofs may be mechanically fastened, or adhered to.  Plus, the seams of these roofs are heat welded.

Why choose this type?

  • Incredible strength and durability far surpassing minimum breaking strength required for roofing materials
  • Resistance to weather and environmental effects such as moisture, wind, fire and chemicals
  • Proven track record - there is less need to worry about formulation changes and warranty issues as compared to newer flat roofing materials
  • Puncture resistant materials
  • Superior resistance to chemicals, fumes, acids, oils, and fuels
  • UV resistant
  • Cool and energy efficient for lower heating and cooling costs

Lastly, how do you choose the right contractor?

  • Look for those with the right credentials and expertise to ensure your job is done with the highest quality in workmanship at a reasonable price. You should always look for:
  • Valid WSIB
  • Liability Insurance
  • Written quote
  • Professional in-home estimate
  • Underlayment, ice and water, new metal flashings should be included in sloped roof quotes
  • Full assessment on ventilation needs and concerns
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Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·

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