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Any building gains a distinctive beauty from a well-designed copper roof. If you want to increase the market value of your home, add more glitz to your business, or give any structure real eye-catching appeal, copper roofing and fixtures are among the best investments you can make.

We simplify the process for you since we know how difficult it can be to find a reliable provider to replace or repair your roof.

We will take the time to assist you in better understanding all of your options because we understand that you want to keep the cost of your roof repair or roof replacement cheap while making sure you get a fantastic quality installation that will last.

We can assist you with all of your options and choices, including educating you on the many roof types, options, and materials that would be suitable for your roof, and whether you can repair or replace your current roof.

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We can give you advice on

  • The different types of roof materials available including copper
  • What are the best roofing systems for your needs
  • When or why you may be interested in copper roof vs other materials
  • Getting the best copper roofing prices based on your investment over the long term
  • Rough calculator to help you with budgeting
  • The best approaches in installing copper roofs

Don't Put Your Current Copper Roofing System at Risk of Another Winter

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We provide straightforward guidance on when it's safe to repair a roof and when you should replace it to safeguard your investment.

Selecting a contractor may seem like a difficult undertaking, but it doesn’t mean you should put it off for a while. When you can get a frank decision immediately, don’t take the chance of delaying and perhaps losing thousands of dollars.

To satisfy your roofing needs and safeguard your biggest investment, we provide a wide range of options and styles for shingles and other materials. In addition to providing a wide range of material options, we also thoroughly assess your roofing system, including its ventilation system, to make sure all work complies with or exceeds Ontario Building Codes and is properly ventilated for maximum energy efficiency in your attic space and longevity of your new roof.

In order to ensure that the work we execute lasts for a long time, AZ Roofing is a certified installer for several leading producers of shingle roofing systems. This assures that we are taking care of both the visible shingles and the performance of the underlying roofing system.


What we look for and our approach includes:

  • Ensuring the roof structure underneath your shingles is structurally sound and without rot and mold. Multiple layers of shingles will add to the stress and we always take into account heavy snowfall to ensure your roof structure can handle the extra load.
  • Missing shingles? High winds? We know that once your shingles start to curl, it’s much easier for winds to start lifting and ripping shingles off your roof. We look for signs of deterioration such as curling and missing shingles as well as the number of layers to provide you with a better assessment of the health of your roof
  • Looking out for underlayments and ice and water shields and replacing metal flashing for added protection. If you’ve got a leak, we know what are the best practices for preventing leaks and it’s critical for many roofs to have the right underlayment and ice and water shields in the most vulnerable parts of the roof
  • Educated in architectural theories, we not only look at the roof but also look at the surrounding systems and areas including
    • Adequate and proper ventilation to meet the latest building codes is a requirement most roofing contractors do not provide – most roofers only replace exactly what they see and do not realize your existing roof is under-ventilated and will not meet the new building codes
    • Proper eavestroughs and downspouts to quickly channel water away from your home – most houses were built with inadequate eavestrough and downspouts causing premature deterioration of shingles in localized areas

With the AZ Roofing approach, we will give you the straight goods on whether you can repair your existing roof, or if you should replace it. Plus, we’ll let you know the best system for your roof which will meet your budget.

AZ Roofing’s unique education and background delivers the best quality at an affordable price

There are two major types of roofs. They are Sloped Roofing and Flat Roofing. As you can see from the photos, many houses and commercial buildings typically are one or the other, but there are also many examples of houses which have a sloped roof in the front with a flat roof in the back, or vice versa.

The materials used for sloped roofing is different from the materials used for flat roofing. Below is a very brief summary for each of the different types of materials used.

Type: Sloped Roofing Shingles Metal Copper Cedar Slate
Price Value-priced materials; Low – Medium Cost Extremely Low for Farm-House Medium-High priced for Residential Premium Premium Premium
Benefits Value-priced options which are made to look like different materials Longevity in leak protection Longevity in leak protection with a unique visual appeal Unique visual appeal Unique visual appeal
What is it Extremely common in residential houses. Known as architectural shingles or asphalt roof shingles Two types of metal roofs – one for farm-house applications and the other for houses which look like Shingles A metal roof made with Copper Cedar shakes, a natural wood product, provides a thick and unique look Slate, a natural rock made into tiles provides a thick and unique look
Based on 143 reviews.
Sam Iskandar
Sam Iskandar
I had a hard time finding a roofing company to inspect my 4-story townhouse, but these guys did it with a drone! Not only that but they found that it was my attached neighbours who had the problem with falling shingles and mine were secure. I am so happy I went with this company for the peace of mind, and they were honest enough to tell me that my shingles were good. If you want to deal with professionals who find solutions not just more problems – this is the right place.
The reviews speak for themselves!! and definitely not exaggerated! Darwin and his Crew are professionals who respect the home owners time and property, they do in-fact do a professional job without cutting corners! and go above and beyond to ensure that your roof or any other anomalies are outlined/communicated to the home owner. You want a piece of mind to fix a leaky roof and finding the root cause! I do! Definitely will use them again! Thank you once again for the great work 🙂
Ian Brown
Ian Brown
Our family had the pleasure of being a client of AZ this week, they install a new flat roof for our home. Darwin, Nick and Zachary were fantastic. Clear communication, Reasonable price, High Quality materials and work. AZ ensured that we were fully satisfied before they packed up and completed their work. We would highly recommend them to any of my friends or family. Thanks again AZ Roofing Team.
Elias Negatu
Elias Negatu
I received a roof installation and inspection service from AZ roofing to my sisters home. AZ Roofing personnel pick up their phone right away and booked me an appointment. Then after They came on time for inspection and provide to me a quote with very good price. Also came back for installation right on time. They did an excellent and professional job.I am happy with the work they did. I was working with an individual named Darwen. He is knowledgeable and well customer service oriented. I recommend AZ Roofing to any one who needs a roofing inspection and installation or repair service. Thank you Elias
Vera Vivi
Vera Vivi
I had an excellent experience using AZ Roofing. Darwin was very professional and knowledgeable and punctual . He repaired my roof at a very reasonable cost and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the repair. I would definitely recommend him to my family and friends.
Very professional, Darwin was on site on time, fixed the shingles and sent the before and after pictures. Would definitely recommend.
Ajith Miriyala
Ajith Miriyala
We had Darwin from AZ roofing fix a leak in our roof. He was professional and very knowledgeable in his work. He took the time to explain what was causing the issue and quickly fixed it for us. I would recommend them for anyone looking at getting any work done to their roof.

What are the benefits of a Copper Roof?

  • Style Versatility
  • Weather-Resistant
  • Naturally Strong
  • Flexibility
  • Longevity
  • Lightweight
  • Efficient
  • Fire-Resistant
  • Maintenance-Free
  • Increases Resale Value

Copper Roof accents may be a great option for your home. We can offer services including parapet and wall cladding, standing seam copper roofing for bay and bow windows, custom copper roof flashings for walls, chimneys, skylights, customer scuppers, soldered snow boxes, ornamental finials, etc.

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