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Finding a reputable company to replace or repair your eavestrough can be a daunting task so we make it simpler for you.  We know you want to keep the cost of your repair or replacement low while ensuring you get a great quality installation that will last so we will take the time to help you better understand what all your options are.

We can help you with all your choices and options including educating you on the different types of eavestrough, materials and options which would suit your application, and whether you can repair or replace your existing eavestrough.


We can give you advice on

  • The different types of eavestrough available
  • What are the best eavestrough for your needs
  • Getting the best prices based on your investment over the long term
  • The best approaches in installing eavestrough
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We give you no-nonsense advice on when you can safely repair eavestrough and when you need to replace eavestrough to protect your investment

Just because choosing a contractor may seem like a daunting task, doesn’t mean you should delay the decision for another few years. Don’t risk a delay which could end up costing you thousands when you can get honest advice today.

We offer a wide variety of choices and styles of eavestrough to meet your needs and protect your investment.  Not only do we offer a large selection of choices in materials, we can also offer a thorough assessment of your building including the roofing system and its ventilation system to ensure all work meets or exceeds Ontario Building Codes, and are properly ventilated for optimal energy efficiency in your attic space.

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AZ Roofing is a certified installer of top manufacturers of eavestrough which ensures we have the expertise to ensure your investment is properly installed for a complete and long lasting warranty.


What we look for and our approach includes:

  • Ensuring the roof structure are structurally sound and without rot and mould.  
  • We look for signs of deterioration in your roofing system to ensure we are installing in locations which will have the best chance for your investment to last a long time
  • Educated in architectural theories, we not only look at the roof, we also look at the surrounding systems and areas including
    • Adequate and proper ventilation to meet the latest building codes is a requirement most roofing contractors do not provide - most roofers only replace exactly what they see and do not realize your existing roof is under-ventilated and will not meet the new building codes
    • Proper eavestroughs and downspouts to quickly channel water away from your home - most houses were built with inadequate eavestrough and downspouts causing premature deterioration of shingles in localized areas
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With the AZ Roofing approach, we will give you the straight goods on whether you can repair your existing eavestrough, or if you should replace it. Plus, we’ll tell you honestly on the status of your roof as well to ensure you’re not replacing eavestrough on a deteriorating roof which may soon need replacement.


AZ Roofing’s unique education and background delivers the best quality at an affordable price

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Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·


How to get started?

  1. First things first, you are already educating yourself, so that’s a great first step.  There are a lot of details in eavestroughs so it’s best to take the next steps with an expert who can walk you through the rest of the steps.
  2. Determine what type of eavestrough do you have? Is your property residential or commericial?No worries.  AZ Roofing can help you with any type and application


Eavestrough Challenges and Solutions

  • The purpose of an eavestrough is to channel water away from your home quickly and help prevent leaks.  As anyone who has previously had a “water problem” knows, water can be extremely damaging and can completely ruin your investment - your home.  It’s important to ensure you’re choosing experts with the education and expertise in order to make the right choices in material and labour to protect your investment.


Eavestrough cleaning and maintenance solutions to prevent costly leaks

Make the right choice in maintenance and cleaning of your eavestrough to help ensure your existing eavestroughs are able to properly channel water away from your home quickly.

When you’ve got leaves, branches, pines, and other debris clogging up your eavestroughs, you are heading into dangerous situation where a heavier than usual storm may result in thousands of dollars in damage to your interiors.  You may also find that your roof structure has been compromised, as well as valued possessions inside your home may be ruined.  Prevent and protect your investment by relying on the experts for eavestrough cleaning and maintenance.

Not only do we clean your eavestroughs, we include minor repairs of any existing issues including securing loose spikes, furrels or hidden brackets.  We can also repair leaky joints as well as provide a full report on what we found and recommend in order to protect your investment.


Lastly, how do you choose the right contractor?

  • Look for those with the right credentials and expertise to ensure your job is done with the highest quality in workmanship at a reasonable price. You should always look for:
  • Valid WSIB
  • Liability Insurance
  • Written quote
  • Professional in-home estimate
  • Underlayment, ice and water, new metal flashings should be included in sloped roof quotes
  • Full assessment on ventilation needs and concerns
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Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·

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