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We are A+, BBB Certified, fully covered by insurance & provide Roof Repair, Eaves trough Repair, Roof Maintenance, Eaves-trough Cleaning, Snow Removal & Ice Damming service in Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Mississauga, ON.

As a certified Toronto based roofing company with over 65 years experience in roofing repair services and with our background in architectural theories and technologies, plus our practical experience, we are able to bring together the best roof repair, roof maintenance, Eavestrough repair, Eaves-trough cleaning, Snow removal & Ice damming practices to deliver peak performance roofing systems for residential & commercial applications in Scarborough, Mississauga and Richmond Hill areas.

At AZ Roofing, we give you no-nonsense options, choices and prices to suit your budget. AZ Roofing has the highest standards in labour warranty to ensure your investment lasts.

OOnly materials with long-term warranties and a history of customer satisfaction will be selected as we aim to ensure that our customers are happy with their investment for a very time.

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Why AZ Roofing?

Your roof protects your home against different climate situations during 365 days a year. Detecting minor problems at an early stage may protect your roof from major issues. Be alert to signs of trouble including damp spots alongside fire place, peeling paint, water spots on ceiling, missing shingles, black stains and etc.

Residential roofing repair is a sensitive and technical business. You cannot repair your residential roof just by reading roofing articles, roofing manuals, books or using Google to know about roofing basics.

At AZ Roofing we are not just a simple roofing contractor, we provide consultation as certified roofing specialists.

How Do We Work?

As a Residential Roofing Contractor, First of all, we would operate a fast roof evaluation and inspect your residential roof based on our checklist and give you an estimation about the repair details, duration and cost. This estimation will cover the scope of work, required roofing materials, roof components to be repaired, roof insulation solutions and alternative repair solutions for your roof.

We also consider other important parameters like Roofing Energy Credit and Fall Protection when we offer you a practical solution for your roof repair.

Secondly, We follow our roof repair best practices to repair the roof and use all required roofing and safety equipment, speed and quality work to ensure your satisfaction. Our technicians are fully trained and we are fully covered by insurance. We also provide warranty for our work and performance. We provide you with high quality and water-proof roofing.

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We know that our clients are not professional roofers or roofing contractors so we do our best to avoid using technical roofing terminology which would create confusion. Simply and clearly our estimation and roof repair quote tells you everything about the roofing manufacturer, design, details and materials.

Our Residential And Commercial Roof Repair Service Area

North York
Richmond Hill
Mississauga, ON

Mississauga's climate is considered moderate. Winters can be cold, with temperatures most often below the freezing mark. Rainwater, High winds, Tree branches and even freezing temperature can harm roofing shingles and cause problems like buckling, curling or blistering for your roof if you are living in Mississauga! Be alert to signs of trouble including damp spots alongside fire place, peeling paint, water.

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