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Don’t Risk Another Winter With Your Current Snow Removal and Ice Daming Services

We give you no-nonsense options, choices and prices to suit your budget

Homes and businesses in areas where there is a higher risk of injury from the buildup of heavy snow on roofs is a serious liability and safety concern.

Finding a reputable company to safely remove snow and prevent ice dams for your house or business is important in preventing serious accidents. We know you want to know your options, better understand what is included and make choices that suit your budget while ensuring the safety of your family, friends, clients and the general public.

We can help you with all your choices and options including educating you on the different services available to help you provide a safe environment.

We can give you advice on

  • Options on the type of Snow Removal and Ice Daming
    , frequency and length of time
  • Approaches to take to help prevent accidents
  • Getting valuable service to protect your home, business and investment over the long term

AZ Roofing has the highest standards in warranty and service to satisfy your needs. We have a history of customer satisfaction and we want to ensure our customers are happy with their investment for a very long time.  We are the experts in residential and commercial roofing in the GTA and surrounding areas.

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We give you no-nonsense advice on how to protect yourself

Just because choosing a trusted contractor may seem like a daunting task, doesn’t mean you should delay the decision any longer. Don’t risk a delay which could end up resulting in an accident or costing you thousands in liability when you can get honest advice today. Read More

AZ Roofing has certified roofing experts with the expertise and experience to take care of your needs.

What we look for and our approach includes:

  • Ensuring the roof structure are structurally sound and without rot and mould before the snow season begins
  • Asking questions regarding previous years; what the snow load looks like typically to ensure we are able to recommend preventative measures before the season starts
With the AZ Roofing approach, we will give you the straight goods on what to expect. Plus, we’ll tell you honestly on the status of your roof as well to ensure you’re aware of whether your roof will withstand heavy snowfall.
Residential Roofing Contractor in Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Mississauga, ON.
Certified Insured Residential & Commercial Roofing Company in Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Mississauga, ON.


Quality contractors. Get Your Free Roof Repair Estimate!

Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·


What our clients are saying about us

After getting quotes from, AZ was the best choice. They were not the least expensive and not the most expensive but priced the best and we felt they answered all of our questions honesty. We had our windows and entrance door replaced. AZ gives top notch customer service. Highly recommend them.

testimonail A. Harris

Several of our roof tiles were blown off after a severe windstorm. I called a number of roofing contractors and settled on AZ Roofing. They were quick to respond and gave me the low down on what needed to be done to fix our roof. We are happy to say that the work was done on time and on budget and we have not had any problems.

user L. Lee

We had our roof, all windows, entrance door, side door and patio door installed by the amazing guys at AZ Roofing. They were very professional from sales to installation and we will recommend AZ anytime.

user V. Solari

I trust the people at AZ roofing 100%. They delivered what they promised.

user K. Brar

AZ Roofing responded quickly and did a great job on a small leak in my roof. They know their stuff and will not do unnecessary work. I will call AZ when it is time to get a new roof.

user Anita L.

Great work from the AZ people. They are very reasonable to work with and deal provided excellent quality of work and materials at an affordable price. The roof was replaced within a day and they did not leave any mess behind. Very happy with everything.

user B. Adams

We needed to get our roof replaced after almost 20 years. After we reviewed all the quotes and interactions with roofing contractors, we decided to hire AZ Roofing. They explained everything in detail and offered a competitive quote. We really liked the way that the estimator had a variety of samples and explained everything in detail. When they started the work, they gave us constant updates and made the necessary repairs to the roofing structure before putting the layers and shingles. We are happy with the roof after experiencing severe storms and high winds. We definitely recommend AZ Roofing.

user Michael S.

I’m very very happy with the way that my entrance door was replaced. The sales team from AZ Roofing was very patient and informative in helping our family choose the right door. The price was great and door looks awesome. Thanks AZ Roofing team!

user M. Wilson

The AZ Roofing team is great. The installers were professional and extremely efficient and clean in replacing our windows and front door. My door and windows are amazingly beautiful. Can’t beat quality products and excellent service!

user J. Chan

Highly recommend AZ Roofing for their professionalism and excellent work.

user C. Singh

How to get started?

  1. First things first, you are already educating yourself, so that’s a great first step. There are a lot of details in snow removal and ice dams so it’s best to take the next steps with an expert who can walk you through the rest of the steps.
  2. Determine what type of roof do you have? Sloped, or Flat, or a mix of both? Is your property residential or commericial? Read More

No worries.  AZ Roofing can help you with any of those kinds of roofs and their respective snow removal options

Have you had near-misses already?

Roofs with heavy snow loads tend to continue to have heavy snow loads the following year.  If you have already had a near miss, now’s the time to make a change.

Some benefits include:

  • Provide you with peace of mind that heavy snow loads won’t be a potential hazard anymore for your loved ones or your business clients as they will all be safe visiting you
  • Prevent potentially damaging ice dams by removing the snow first before it becomes a bigger problem

Lastly, how do you choose the right contractor?

  • Look for those with the right credentials and expertise to ensure your job is done with the highest quality in workmanship at a reasonable price. You should always look for:
  • Valid WSIB
  • Liability Insurance
  • Written quote
  • Professional in-home estimate
  • Underlayment, ice and water, new metal flashings should be included in sloped roof quotes
  • Full assessment on ventilation needs and concerns

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Full service warranties · Certified ShingleMaster · Comply with WSIB ·